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Standard Specifications and Standard Details

Edition: April 16, 2007

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G-1, G2, G3 - General Notes 

G-4 Subdivision Design Standards

G-5 Improvement Plan Standards 

G-6 Pipe Materials

G-7 Large Diameter Sewer and Storm Drain Pipe 

G-8, G-9, G10 Drafting Standards

G-11 Signature Blocks 

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ST-1, ST-2, ST-3 - Street Design Standards 

ST-4 Conditions for All Weather Roads 

ST-5 Trip Generation Factors 

ST-6 Structural Pavement Design Chart 

ST-7 Street Section Chart and Street Design Standards 

ST-8 Street Design Standards 

ST-8a Concrete Paver Standards 

ST-9 140' Major Arterial Street Section 

ST-10 102' and 50' Street Sections

ST-10a 82' Street Section

ST-11 74' and 60' Street Sections 

ST-12 Alternate Cul-De-Sac Detail

ST-13 Standard Cul-De-Sac Detail 

ST-13a Extended Standard Cul-De-Sac Detail 

ST-13b Cul-De-Sac Island Detail 

ST-14 Special Residential Parking

ST-15 Special Residential Parking

ST-16 Special Residential Parking 

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ST-17 Alignment for 90° Plus Street Intersections 

ST-18 School Area Pavement Legends 

ST-19 Crosswalk / Stop Bar Placement 

ST-20 Concrete Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Standards

ST-21 6" Vertical Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk 

ST-21a 4 1/2 " Drive-Over Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk 

ST-21b Type "C", "D", and "E" Curb and Gutter 

ST-21c Class 2 Bicycle Path and Gutter Pan 

ST-22 Location of Weakened Plane Joints 

ST-23 Standard Residential Driveway with Vertical Curb and Detached Sidewalk 

ST-23a Vertical Curb and Attached Sidewalk 

ST-24 140' Major Arterial Commercial Driveway with Detached Sidewalk 

ST-24a 102' Minor Arterial Commercial Driveway with Detached Sidewalk 

ST-24b 82' and 74' Street ROW Commercial Driveway with Detached Sidewalk 

ST-24c Type 1 Commercial Driveway with Attached Sidewalk

ST-24d Type 2 Commercial Driveway with Attached Sidewalk 

ST-26 Typical Wheelchair Ramp at Intersections 

ST-26a Residential Wheelchair Ramp Detail for Detached Sidewalk 

ST-26b Residential Wheelchair Ramp Detail for Detached Sidewalk to Attached Sidewalk

ST-27 Typical Wheelchair Ramp Detail for Commercial/Industrial Applications 

ST-27a Commercial/Industrial Wheelchair Ramp Detail for 140' Right-of-Way 

ST-27b Commercial/Industrial Wheelchair Ramp Detail for 102' Right-of-Way 

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ST-27c Commercial/Industrial Wheelchair Ramp Detail for 82' and 74' Right-of-Way

ST-28 Typical Mid Block Wheelchair Ramp Detail with Detached Sidewalk 

ST-28a Typical Mid Block Wheelchair Ramp Detail with Attached Sidewalk 

ST-29 Wheelchair Ramp Groove and Lip Detail

ST-30 Raised Paver Intersection Plan View Detail 

ST-30a Raised Paver Intersection Section View Detail 

ST-31 140' Right-of-Way Roundabout Geometrics 

ST-32 102' Right-of-Way Roundabout Geometrics 

ST-33 84' Right-of-Way Roundabout Geometrics 

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W-3 Water Line Design Criteria 

W-4, W-5, W-6 Water\W4-W6_CriteriaforSeparation.pdf 

W-7 Criteria for Separation of Water Mains from Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drains - Case 1

W-7a Criteria for Separation of Water Mains from Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drains - Case 2

W-8 Water Design Data

W-9 Tracer Wire Installation Detail 

W-10 Fire Lane Details

W-10a Fire Lane Notes

W-11 Valve Box Details

W-12 Thrust Box Details

W-13 1 1/2" and 2" Metered Water Service Installation 

W-14 1" Metered Water Service Installation

W-15 Remote Meter Read Installation

W-16 Permanent and Temporary Blowoff Details 

W-17 Blank

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W-18 Blank

W-19 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly for 1" to 1 1/2" 

W-20 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly 3" and Larger 

W-21 Fire Hydrant Spacing

W-22 Fire Hydrant at Back of Curb in Parkway Planter

W-22a Fire Hydrant Notes

W-23 Fire Hydrant with Vertical Curb and Attached Sidewalk

W-23a Fire Hydrant with Drive-Over Curb and Attached Sidewalk 

W-24 Fire Sprinkler Connection Located More than 30 Feet from Nearest Fire Hydrant 

W-25 Fire Sprinkler Connection Located Within 30 Feet from Nearest Fire Hydrant

W-26 Water Sampling Station Detail

W-27 Typical Offset Unit 

W-28 Air and Vacuum Release Valve Detail 

W-29 Waterline Hot Tap Detail 

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SD-1, SD-2 Criteria for Design of Storm Drain Facilities 

SD-3, a,b,c Rainfall Intensity Curves

SD-4 Inlet Time

SD-5 Storm Drain Design Sheet

SD-6 Storm Drain Data 

SD-7 Frame and Grate, Type 2 Curb Inlet Catch Basin

SD-7a Type 2 Curb Inlet Catch Basin

SD-8 Frame and Grate, Type 1 Curb Inlet Catch Basin

SD-8a 24" Round Curb Inlet Catch Basin Detail

SD-8b 24" Square Curb Inlet Catch Basin Detail

SD-9 Parking Lot Catch Basin

SD-10 Type 1 Standard Storm Manhole

SD-10a Storm Drain Plug

SD-11 Separation Manhole Detail

SD-12, SD-13 Type 2 Manhole for Pipe 36" Diameter and Larger

SD-14 Typical Sand and Oil Trap

SD-15 Storm Drain Manhole Frame and Cover

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S-1 Criteria for Design of Sanitary Sewer Facilities

S-2 Sanitary Sewer Design Data 

S-3 Lift Station Design Data 

S-4 Sanitary Sewer Design Sheet 

S-5 Sanitary Sewer Data

S-6 Sanitary Sewer Manhole

S-7 Sanitary Sewer Drip Manhole (Exterior Piping)

S-8 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Frame and Cover

S-9 Lamphole and Lamphole Ring and Cover Detail

S-10 Cleanout Riser

S-11 House Lateral Detail

S-12 Typical Grease Trap 

S-13 Sewer Stack House Lateral 

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U-1 Typical Location of Underground Utilities 

U-2 Blank

U-3 Typical Deep Trench Backfill 

U-4 Jack and Boring 

U-5 Concrete Saddle Detail 

U-6 Existing Street Trench Section 

U-7 Existing Street Trench Section for Pipe "4" and Smaller

U-8 Pot Hole / Bore Pit (Existing Street) Additional Pavement Restoration 

U-9 Location of Underground Utilities 

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L-1, L-2 Street and Parking Lot Lighting

L-3 Street and Parking Lot Lighting Pole and Base Standards 

L-3a Street Light Pole Base Placement 

L-4 Locations of 100 and 150 Watt Lights 

L-5 Locations of 200 Watt Lights 

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IRR-1, IRR-2, IRR-3 Typical Tree Well Irrigation System Requirements

IRR-4 Typical Tree Well Installation

IRR-5 Tree Well Detail

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M-1 Survey Monument Marker 

M-2 Special Monument Installation 

M-3 Survey Monument 

M-4 Typical Interior Lot Grading Detail 

M-5 Blank

M-6 Adjusting Street Facilities to Grade 

M-7 Street Name Sign 

M-8 Street Name Sign Location 

M-9 Land Reduction Transition

M-10 Barricades for Terminating Streets

M-11 Sound Wall Design Criteria 

M-12 Sound Walls 

M-13 Property Line Retaining Wall

M-14 Chain Link Fence Standards

M-15, M-16 Off Street Parking Standards 

M-17 Blank

M-18 10' x 12' Concrete Block Refuse Container Enclosure

M-19 Typical Expansion Joint and Valley Gutter

M-20 Gate Rollers Detail

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SWPP-1 General Storm Water Pollution Prevention Notes

SWPP-2 Storm Drain Inlet Protection

SWPP-3 Storm Drain Marker

SWPP-4a On Grade Temporary Washout Facility

SWPP-4b Below Grade Temporary Concrete Washout Facility

SWPP-5 Stabilized Construction Entrance

SWPP-6 Field Inlet/Manhole Protection

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