Mavis Stouffer Park
Stouffer Gazebo
Gazebo and volleyball courts at Stouffer Park.

Mavis Stouffer Park

In, 1981, the project was originally known as the Ripona - Manley Park.


The original 11 acres, was owned by Westley and Mavis Stouffer, and the City used the 1980 Park Bond Act funds to purchase the land.


The original park was largely developed through the work of a long list of volunteers, and their donations of money and materials. Over the years, the City has continued to purchase adjoining land until the park reached its present size of just over 30 acres.

The gazebo is available for anyone to use for free if it is not reserved; however, it can also be rented for special events. (Rental for this gazebo is available for Ripon residents and Ripon businesses only.) Contact Carla at 599-2108.

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Gazebo at Stouffer Park.
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This is a view of the upper ball fields. The park has several ball fields, volleyball courts, bocce ball court, and large picnic areas.

Ball fields at Stouffer Park.

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Stouffer Park is located at the end of Stouffer Street, off of North Manley Road.


Gazebo Rental
(Ripon residents and businesses only)

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