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Since its incorporation, the City of Ripon has utilized vital community and service groups, as well as skilled private individuals and families who are willing and eager to assist us in reaching our vision with community enhancing projects.

Volunteers are the nation’s largest untapped natural resource and in these times of budget deficits and reduction of work forces, the value of utilizing skilled volunteers is more important than ever. By implementing a formal volunteer program the volunteers along with the City of Ripon will be able to continue and maintain the quality of life that it’s residence have become accustomed to and instill a sense of pride and ownership to the volunteers within our community.

This program will allow the City of Ripon to match the skills of the volunteers with the many community enhancing projects as well as the day to day general maintenance projects. It may also provide the volunteers with a marketable skill set and experience that they would not normally have had the opportunity to obtain.

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Adopt-a-Tot Lot

The City of Ripon has seven neighborhood Tot Lot Parks that an individual or community/service group can adopt and maintain on a regular basis. With the adoption of any one of the Tot Lots by an individual will allow a city employee to focus the 2-3 hours of maintenance time each week other areas within the city.

The City can provide the tools to assist the volunteers in completing the weekly maintenance tasks.

If a park is adopted by an individual or a community group the City of Ripon will post a sign indicating the individual and/or community group that have taken the responsibility of maintaining the park.

Click to view photo. Dutch Meadow - Ruess Road
Click to view photo. Zumstein - 1085 Zumstein Drive
Click to view photo. DeJong - 697 Ruess Road
Click to view photo. Margaret Wilbur Park - 241 Granite Way
Click to view photo. McRoy Park - 1141 John Roos Avenue
Click to view photo. Country Woods Park - 1196 Country Woods Drive Click to view photo.

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General Maintenance

An individual or community/service group can assist the City with day to day housekeeping and maintenance of all City owned property. By utilizing volunteers in this area it can greatly enhance the city’s staff to focus on other areas of equal importance such as general outdoor housekeeping projects.

• Repair wind screen at tennis courts
• Cleaning gutters
• Painting red curbs
• Painting hand and guardrails at the Community Center
• Painting the entrance of the back room of the Community Center
• Cleaning the solar panels at City Hall
• Pulling replacement electrical wires for the street lighting on the bike path
• Parking lot stripping at the Ripon Library
• Paint over graffiti on the freeway supporting walls & columns near the river
• Wash down the tennis courts
• Pick up trash at Mistlin Sport Complex after weekend activities
• Pick up trash on bike path near the bike bridge
• Washing the windows at the City facilities
• Power washing
   - Mistlin & Mavis Stouffer Park gazebos picnic areas
   - Community Center front porch
   - Mistlin hardball spectator area

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Construction Projects

• Installation of brick pavers between the tennis courts and the sidewalk
• Reconstruct stair and install new skirting around the front porch of the Veterans Museum.


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Landscaping Projects

There are always projects or tasks such as modifications to existing parks and landscaping areas where volunteers whether they are a community/service groups or an individual can be utilized to assist in the construction and or maintenance of various landscape projects as well as the day to day miscellaneous maintenance tasks.

• Area around the batting cages at Mistlin Park
• Median on Jack Tone Road Between Flying J and Loves Truck Stops
• Median on Colony Road between Taco Bell and Jack-in-the-Box


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Graffiti Abatement

This particular assignment will consist of a list of volunteers who have signed up and willing to abate graffiti on public and private property. This assignment will have a dedicated vehicle that is equipped with all the tools and paint necessary to abate any and all graffiti within our city.

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