City of Ripon, California

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Grant Funding

The City of Ripon has benefited from grant funded projects for many years. To obtain the grant funding, the City is most often required to compete against other jurisdictions for a limited pot of money, which makes it a very difficult process. When successful, the grant funding eases the financial strain on the City to pay for various projects seen in our community. Over the past years, the City has been successful in obtaining over $30 million of grant funding from a variety of sources.

The links below summarize the City projects that have benefited from grant funding.

Streets and Roadway Improvements $22,441,158.31
Transit $940,000.00
Public Safety $2,856,376.94
Community Development and Housing $745,282.00
Water, Storm Water and Sewer $943,700.00
Parks  $1,575,999.00
Green Technology & Recycling $943,000.00



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