City of Ripon, California

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The City of Ripon is a general law city, governed by the statutes of the State of California. City Councils are given the power to pass ordinances which become the laws of a municipality. Ordinances may be adopted as long as those ordinances are not in conflict with current laws and/or the Constitution of the State of California or the United States.

Municipal elections are held on the first Tuesday in November of even numbered years. Members of the City Council are elected at large for a four-year term on an overlapping basis. Two are elected during one election and three are elected two years later.

The City of Ripon is governed by a five-member City Council with the mayor as the presiding officer. Council Members rotate into the Mayor and Vice Mayor seats for one-year terms.

The City Council strongly encourages citizens to express their views on matters of concern to those persons. Oral presentations during public hearings are one method for expressing these views. Another is written communications to the Council.

Address letters to:
Ripon City Council
City of Ripon
259 N. Wilma Avenue
Ripon, CA 95366

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