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Ripon Water Meter Program

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The City of Ripon provides water service to the residents, businesses, and industries within the City. The cost of this service is recovered through the water rates. The City has traditionally billed residential customers for water use on a flat rate based on property lot size, regardless of whether a water meter is installed on the property. State Assembly Bill 2572 (AB 2572) mandates that all customers with a meter are billed by the actual volume of water used starting January 2010, although, the law does allow for a one-year notification period. If your home was built after 1991, it most likely already has a water meter. However, if your home was built prior to 1991, it most likely will not have an existing water meter.

AB 2572 also requires the installation of water meters for all water customer services by the year 2025. Therefore, to comply with State law, the City will be required to install meters on homes which do not already have one in place. On November 3, 2009 City Council decided to charge those customers without a meter a surcharge for a period of 10-years for the cost of the meter installation. The proposed monthly surcharge amount is $7.60. The exact start date of the surcharge has not yet been determined.

During the notification period (Jan. to Dec. 2010), the City will notify those customers with a meter what their water usage was for the month. This information will be added to your utility bill throughout 2010, but your amount due will continue to be invoiced at the City’s flat rate. No actual billing changes for the metered water rate will begin until January 2011. This will allow customers to become acquainted with how much water is actually used and what their water bill would have been if the customer had been charged at the metered rate. It will also provide an opportunity for customers to evaluate their water use and make any necessary changes to reduce their bills.

On November 3, 2009, Ripon City Council authorized City staff to notify residents of the residential metered water rate using a tentative rate structure that will be finalized in 2010. This rate is shown in Table 1 and is designed to be revenue neutral; in other words, the rate is designed not to increase water rates. Prior to the finalization of the residential water meter rate, residents will be provided with notice as required by California law, which will include a public hearing and a written protest process. Attached to this letter is a sample utility bill to show those customers with a meter how to determine the volume of water used for the month and how to calculate what their water bill would have been for the reporting period.

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