Water Conservation

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Water is a crucial element for the continued prosperity of the City of Ripon, but it is a limited resource that must be used wisely. The challenge facing us is to sensibly develop and use our most precious renewable natural resource. Water conservation is often equated with temporary restrictions on customer water use. Although water restrictions can be a useful emergency tool for drought management or service disruptions, water conservation programs emphasize lasting, day-to-day improvements in water use efficiency.


Our Water Supply

Residents of California rely on two types of sources for their drinking water: surface water (rivers and lakes) and groundwater (underground aquifers). Some communities are fortunate enough to be near both a surface water source and a groundwater aquifer. Groundwater provides 60 percent of all water supplied to Californians and is usually pumped from aquifers underlying local communities. In places where there is not enough local surface or groundwater to meet customer needs, water suppliers purchase water from other areas and transport it through many miles of pipelines. This imported water is delivered through facilities developed by state, federal or local governments. Presently, all City of Ripon water comes from underground aquifers.

Education about our water resources, conservation methods, and water planning is necessary for water use efficiency. Please browse this section of our site to learn about how you can conserve water.



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