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Public Works Department

The Public Works and Building Departments, with a staff of 34 employees, provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in the City of Ripon. Things we take for granted -- safe drinking water, refuse collected, environmentally safe sewer treatment, and safe and clean streets are included in the responsibilities of the Public Works Department. The Department is also charged with protecting the longevity of all City facilities, streets, storm drainage system, water facilities, as well as all of the cities owned vehicles and buildings.

The Public Works Department is organized into eight divisions.

Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Division of the Public Works Department is overseen by the Director of Pubic Works\Building Official. The department is staffed with a Chief Building Inspector and one Building Inspector. All of the Department staff are ICBO Certified Inspectors.

The Building Department’s primary responsibility is to ensure safety to life and property from all hazards incidental to the design, erection, repair, removal, demolition or use and the occupancy of building, structures or premises through the enforcement of City zoning regulations and state and local building codes.

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Water Department
Water Production

The City operates and maintains six (6) Wells, with a total pumping capacity of 5,500 GPM. A 500,000 gallon storage tank and booster pumping facility can supply an additional 5,000 GPM when needed.

Distribution System Maintenance
Water Monitoring


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The Public Works Department has three (3) State of California Certified Operators who protects the health and welfare of the community by ensuring the continuous uninterrupted operation of the wastewater collection treatment and disposal. The wastewater collection plant is closely monitored to ensure the proper operation of the treatment. Samples are taken weekly and sent to a certified lavatory for analysis. Last year $25,000 were spent on these analyses. Monitoring is reported to the state water resource board on weekly, monthly, and quarterly intervals.

Wastewater Collection System

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 40 miles of sewer collection system piping and approximately 30 miles of storm drain piping. We provide operation and maintenance of six (6) wastewater and three (3) storm drain pumping stations.


The treatment plant is permitted for 1.4 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) and is currently processing 1 MGD. Last year the City’s treatment plant processed 367 Million Gallons of Wastewater. The facility is located at the south-end of Acacia Avenue and consists of 15 acres of treatment ponds with four (4) 10 hp mechanical brush aerators, which provides additional oxygen transfer for the biological treatment process.

Treated wastewater is disposed into forty (40) acres of disposal ponds located to the west of the treatment ponds.

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Building Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains twelve (12) buildings within the City. These include the larger facilities such as City Hall/Police Department and the Community Center to the smaller facilities such as park restrooms.

Custodial services for many city owned buildings and maintenance are a clean, safe, functional and in presentable condition. Maintain and repair all city owned facilities. Services included electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, painting, and general maintenance.

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Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

The Public Works Department is charged with the responsibly to maintain all city vehicles and equipment. The City Mechanic is an ASC certified mechanic who maintains all of the city’s vehicles and equipment from the large refuse truck and tractors to the small powered hand tools. All vehicles and equipment are maintained to the highest degree to ensure employee and public safety and the longevity of our vehicles and equipment.

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The Parks Department keeps Ripon’s 14 parks safe, functional, and attractive for residents and visitors. The Department also keeps areas around cities own facilities and median islands to top form with turf and horticulture maintenance, litter removal and pest control to achieve high quality standards.

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The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining clean, safe and usable streets by performing asphalt patching, paint stripping, crack sealing, and street sweeping of approximately 45 miles of streets.

Each summer we use seasonal employees to seal cracks in the pavement with hot tar. This prevents damage to the pavement’s subbase from water.

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Refuse Collection

The Public Works Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of the city’s refuse and yard waste. Ensuring a clean community last year, the Department served more than 3,000 residential accounts. During the Fall the Public Works Department also provides a curb side leaf and brush pick up which begins mid October and runs through the last week of January.

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Contact Us

Ripon City Hall

259 N. Wilma Avenue
Ripon, CA 95366

Phone: (209) 599-2108

Fax: (209) 599-2685

Public Works

Phone: (209) 599-2151
Fax: (209) 599-2183

Office Hours:

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday - Thursday


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