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The Department provides staff support to the City Council and its various advisory Commissions and Committees, other Departments of the City and public agencies, and to the public on community development related matters. These include, but are not necessarily limited to; development assistance (i.e., planning applications, land use information, addressing, etc.), economic development, housing (i.e., rehabilitation, new construction of affordable units, etc.), community development block grants (i.e., handicap ramp and sidewalk construction, community service programs, landlord/tenant services, etc.), and business services.


The Director generally performs most of the planning duties of the Department, presents planning projects to the City Council which have been reviewed by the Planning Commission for a recommendation, acts as the Agency Secretary for Redevelopment Successor Agency and is the lead staff person for the Planning Commission. Other duties include management of the City’s Flood Plain Program, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, and provides planning related assistance to various other activities associated with development (i.e., Development Agreement Committee, Neighborhood Code Compliance Committee, etc.).

Code Enforcement

The City handles code enforcement issues as the complaints come to our attention. And, while most of the cases concerned violations of the zoning regulations (i.e., fence locations and height limits, parking of vehicles, detached accessory buildings, etc.), many had to do with non-zoning issues (i.e., disabled vehicles, garbage and rubbish accumulation, weed abatement, etc.). Staff continues to review the procedures used to enforce regulations to determine if they can be changed to provide more efficient and effective enforcement.

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Neighborhood Code Compliance

Report issues of neighborhood code violations; i.e.: debris, odors, abandoned vehicles, illegal business, etc.

If you wish, you may provide information anonymously.
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