City of Ripon, California

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Historical Water Usage Search Form

The State of California mandates that all customers with water meters be billed by the actual volume of water used starting January 2011.

The City has been providing those customers with a meter their actual water usage in the monthly utility bills since January 2010. This allows customers to become acquainted with how much water is actually used and what their water bill would have been if the customer had been charged at the metered rate. It will also provide an opportunity for customers to evaluate their water use and make any necessary changes to reduce their bills.

If you are interested in your actual water usage throughout the notification period, enter your account number below. Your account number can be found at the top of your statement (see example below).

Insert your Account Number arrow

Your account number is shown at the top of your statement.
Be sure to include the decimals. Example: 00.0000.00


Sample Water Bill


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