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The City of Ripon provides water, sewer and garbage service, and all residents within the City limits are required to sign up for all three. The City also provides optional weekly yard waste pick-up.


During each winter, the City provides a free yard-waste pick-up to clear away the piles of leaves, tree and brush prunings, and Christmas trees.


At least once a year, the City organizes a City-wide yard sale, followed by a City-wide clean up. This gives you a chance to get rid of many large items; however, there are some items the City cannot take, so be sure to check the list.


Recycling is handled by the Ripon Unified School District, and the drop off is at the Park-and-Ride lot on Industrial Avenue.

Sign up for city services


City Hall
259 N. Wilma Avenue
Ripon, CA 95366

For information: e-mail send email or call (209) 599-2108

Note: Water, Garbage and Sewer services are included in one bill.

Payments are made to:

"City of Ripon"
Be sure to include your payment stub or your account number.

City of Ripon
259 N. Wilma Avenue
Ripon, CA 95366

Payment Type

Payments can be made with cash, check, or money order. If you prefer to pay by credit cardArrow, just follow the instructions to set up an account or “express pay” your bill.  There is a convenience fee of 3% or $2 minimum for this service.

Automatic Payments

If you are making payments through your bank's automatic payment plan, be sure to include your account number. (All account numbers were changed in 2002. If you set up your automatic payment prior to 2002, please be sure the bank has your new account number.)

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Drop Box

The drop box is located in front of City Hall. Payments can be dropped here at any time. The payments are collected at 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Payments dropped in the box after 8:00 a.m. are posted the following working day; i.e., payments dropped after 8:00 a.m. on Friday are posted on Monday.

Late Payments

Payments are due on the 11th of each month. Payments made after the 11th are subject to a late charge. Once water has been turned off, there will be a reconnection charge of $26.00 added to the late charge.

Annual Payment

All rates will receive a 5% discount if pre-paid in full by February 11. (Annual payment cover February 1 through January 31 of the following year) You will also save any rate increases that may incur that year.


If your income is in a low or very-low category, you can apply for a discount. Go to our Go to:Dollars and Sense page to view the schedules.

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2016 Residential Water Rates
Description Billing Period
10-10,000 sq ft. Lot Size Monthly Flat Rate
Rates increase for each additional 5,000 square feet. For the amount, call 599-2108.
All we need is your street address to look up the amount for your lot.

Residential Metered Rate   Monthly
  3/4" meter $27.90 + 58¢ per 100 cu. feet
  1" meter $27.90 + 58¢ per 100 cu. feet
  1 1/2" meter $53.40 + 58¢ per 100 cu. feet
Multiple Dwelling Metered   Monthly
  3/4" meter $11.00 + $1.23 per 100 cu. ft.
  1" meter $11.00 + $1.23 per 100 cu. ft.
  1 1/2" meter $18.50 + $1.23 per 100 cu. ft.

The City of Ripon bill is sent monthly and due by the 11th of each month.

If your annual income is within the low or very-low income level, you are eligible to receive a discount on water, sewer, and garbage rates. For more information, call 599-2108, or go to Dollars and Sense. Go

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2016 Residential Garbage Rates
Description Billing Period
Curbside Pick-up Monthly
Backyard Pick-up Monthly
Additional Curbside Can (per can) Monthly
Green Yard-Waste * Monthly
Multiple Dwelling (per unit) **  
**Multiple Dwelling units with more than 4 units, please call (209) 599-2108 for more information.

All rates subject to 5% discount if pre-paid in full by February 11 annually. Annual payments cover February 1 through January 31 of the next year.
Cans should be placed with wheels against the curb at least 15 feet from any parked vehicle and five feet from each other. Lids must be closed for appropriate dumping. To assure proper service, put can(s) out the night before your scheduled garbage day.

Important . . . Do not put toxic waste into cans. These items are often labeled with warnings: CAUTION, TOXIC, DANGER, FLAMMABLE or POISONS i.e., oil, paint, solvents, and pesticides. For information on discarding these materials, call 1-800-449-4840.

Low-income and annual-payment discounts are available; please call (209) 599-2108 for additional information.
* $2.20 is in addition to regular garbage service fee.

FAQs Go to Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Regulations Go

For questions about utility services (not about your bill), call the Public Works Department at 599-2151.

For information on Dumpster service, please contact Bertolotti Disposal at (209) 538-1430, Gilton Waste Management at (209) 527-3781, or Stockton Scavengers at (916) 416-2909.

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2016 Residential Sewer Rates
Description Billing Period
Single Family Monthly
Multiple Dwellings (per unit) Monthly
Retirement Home - (per bed) Monthly
Retirement - Dwelling (per unit * ) Monthly
* Based on each separate detached apartment or dwelling unit which is part of a retirement home complex.

The information presented here has been prepared and provided to you for information purposes only. This information does not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing sewer service in the City of Ripon. In the event of changes in those laws, regulations, or procedures, those changes are binding and take precedence. For specific information regarding municipal garbage service/ please see City of Ripon Municipal Code - Title 8 "Health and Safety" (Chapter 8.12), or call the Ripon Utility Department at (209) 599-2108.

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If you have a problem with your water or sewer service that cannot wait until normal office hours, contact the Police Department at 599-2102. The Police Department will make contact with Public Works personnel. This is for emergencies ONLY.